#1 Ayumi Hamasakis linkes Ohr taub (!) von Yutaka 06.01.2008 02:09

Wie ich einem anderen Forum gelesen habe, ist Ayumi Hamasakis Ohr jetzt komplett taub (!) Ich bin zwar kein Fan, aber das schockiert mich jetzt echt x_X
Uns sie will sogar weitermachen.. <.<"

Rough translation:

This is my frank resolution for this year.

Actually last year, i had went for a ear inspection, and found out that my left ear has gone deaf and it's not treatable anymore.

Even so, i still wishes to be a singer.

Thus, i will use the rest of my right ear to sing till it loses its function as well or till its very limit.

I will not give up.

I will not find any excuses.

As a professional singer, i will definitely give the best singing that i have to everyone.

Ganbatte ah..

Must ganbatte!!!! Must!!!!!!

Till that day arrives...
from Übersetzung von weix2 @ AHS:
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